KL Police Service partner with local banks to protect seniors from fraud

By Lindsay Advocate

On July 25 a member of the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service attended each bank in the Town of Lindsay to meet with staff and discuss a new initiative designed to protect seniors from being victimized by fraud.

Unfortunately, the Kawartha Lakes Police Service continues to receive reports of seniors being targeted by fraudsters, through telephone calls, email and even through different social media platforms.  In most cases, the senior is instructed to attend their bank and transfer or withdraw large sums of money from their account.

The City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service has created an information sheet that bank tellers can share with a senior or other vulnerable person who they believe is at risk of being defrauded of money.

Each bank employee in Lindsay will now provide the information sheet to a person who they believe is being victimized.  The information sheet contains basic information about how fraudsters operate and encourages the person who has received the sheet to contact the police service.

Building on partnerships with community stakeholders such as financial institutions in Lindsay, enables the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service to better serve and protect local residents.  If you believe you may have been targeted through some form of fraud and fear you may have lost money, do not be embarrassed or ashamed.

Please contact the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service to discuss what took place and let one of our officers discuss how you can protect yourself in the future, (705)324-5252.

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