Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition: ‘Let’s Talk Healthcare’

By Lindsay Advocate

The Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition (KLHC) is dedicated to improving the regional health supports for our local community. Although the community has successfully stopped the merger of the Ross Memorial Hospital with Peterborough Regional, the work is far from done.

The Lindsay Advocate’s full investigative piece on this issue sparked community-wide protests and led to the formation of the Kawartha Health Coalition, an offshoot of the Ontario Health Coalition, to further resist the integration. It was announced Nov. 16 that integration would not proceed.

Hallway medicine, lack of funding, the need for more skilled health professionals including family medicine practitioners in our area for our growing and aging population, are just a few of the issues at the forefront of our focus.

The Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition has commenced hosting a series of monthly “Information Session” meetings starting Jan. 17 in two locations:

Bobcaygeon Municipal Service Centre from 2-4 pm and the Kawartha Lakes Public Library in Lindsay from 6-8 pm. The initial session will provide information about legislative concerns regarding provincial funding, areas of concern that have been previously identified and also survey participants about what their health support concerns are and will seek suggestions and participation from volunteers to move those concerns forward.

The KLHC will also be attending the Pre-Budget Hearings for the Standing Committee of the Ontario Legislature on Finance & Economic Affairs to represent the needs of Kawartha Lakes. Having input from local residents is essential.

While we are currently serviced by an excellent hospital and enjoy many community supports, there is little more important than ever-improving health services because they touch all facets of our life from birth to death and everything in between. Our community is growing and evolving and our healthcare needs to do likewise and to get that funded, we need to have a strong, educated, united voice to the Legislature and all agencies involved.

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