Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton has funding for home repairs, renovations

By Lindsay Advocate

If you own your home and have been in need of repairs, energy efficient upgrades or accessibility modifications, there may be help. The municipality of Kawartha Lakes is participating in the Ontario Renovates Component of the Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario – 2014 Extension which was developed to help homeowners in Kawartha Lakes or the County of Haliburton improve their living conditions by providing financial assistance to repair deficiencies or make accessibility modifications.

“We know there is a tremendous need for this type of funding in our area,” said Manager of Housing, Hope Lee. “We’re hoping homeowners will take advantage of this opportunity to create safer and more accessible homes.”

Each eligible application received will be considered for funding on a priority basis. Application forms for the 2019 funding year will be available on April 1, 2019 and can be submitted until April 30, 2019.

Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton Renovates provides a forgivable loan to a maximum of $10,000 for repairs such as roofs, plumbing, heating, foundations, wells, septic systems and more. A grant to a maximum of $5,000 is also available for modifications to reduce physical barriers such as ramps, handrails, chair and bath lifts and countertop height adjustments.

Requirements for this program include that:

  • Applicants must own their own home;
  • The market value of their home must be at or below $409,250;
    • Applicants have adequate home insurance;
    • Applicants be current with property taxes and mortgage payments;
    • Applicant’s homes are located either in the municipality of Kawartha Lakes or the County of Haliburton; and
    • The applicant’s household income cannot exceed certain limits. See this release on the City’s website to see the chart.


  1. Tom says:

    No money for infrastructure affordable or affordable housing yet there is money from the city for first time homeowners and homeowners wanting to do renovations.

  2. Cheryl says:

    There are many people like myself who have worked very hard for (35 plus) years to provide a small, modest home for my family and have contributed to society in a variety of many ways(and still want too). Unfortunately “Unexpected” things happen in life to some of us, no fault of our own, that have left us disabled, physically or otherwise and we are now living well under the poverty line, not by choice. I barely make enough money to eat healthy meals, have lengthened out my mortgage, that should have been paid off by now, just to try to do everything I can, in order to hang on to what I have worked for, my entire adult life.I don’t enjoy writing this,,,but just a thought to ponder.. It is my personal story for those who “judge” others, with, or without knowing their entire story. It’s people like you, Tom, who continue to keep stigma alive and well.. However, I’d like to thank you for giving me the courage to publicly advocate on behalf of myself and others like me who don’t have the ability or strength to do so for themselves..I personally find inquiring and doing research on these issues very beneficial, since I once had a similar opinion, I’m still optimistic and would be happy to help be an advocate for anyone else in need as well as assist in educating the public who are not being told specific details about what is happening in these types of circumstances. I’m defiantly not trying to take away from the other needs that you have mentioned. They are legitimate also. Maybe we, as a community could come together to move forward assisting anyone in need as much as we can.. Lets come up with some more strategic planning ! This I believe is they way of progress. Many people want to contribute in any possible way. How about including those of us that are living it now? With positivity and a feeling of worthiness would help very much. Thank You
    Sincerely, Cheryl

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