Is Lindsay going to lose its small-town feel?

By Lindsay Advocate

Council approves study for downtown parking

We’ve all heard the line that towns need more growth, but I’ve never known why.

The retailers will benefit, the service industry will benefit, the tax collection will benefit but how does the common community dweller benefit?

For a number of years the provincial government seems hell-bent on marketing small-town living with the intent to get people out of Toronto. This is all well and good but it is an oxymoron in motion.

Small towns with a huge influx of people will not be small towns anymore. Lindsay is about to lose this designation.

When you look at the infrastructure it is not hard to see the complete gridlock of traffic that will occur when the proposed mega subdivisions are built. What municipal planning department sanctions these expansions?

Maybe there are no answers and development is inevitable, but the people who have lived here and who have been the tax base for this town deserve an explanation.

B. McLean, Lindsay


  1. terry evans says:

    But a Walmart is out of the question ….this dopey town needs mega subdivisions because council wont allow Walmart , Home Depot and Montana,s to build here , just imagine the jobs and the increased tax base these stores would bring in , but it will be the residents who pay the higher taxes , not industry !

  2. Garry Shearer says:

    Terry you are bang on, we are down in Bethany area and love going to the Lindsay downtown to visit eat shop but its tough to do without variety and something new to explore. We won’t shop at WallyMart but these stores do bring in surrounding residents and keeps core residence in town to shop instead of heading to Peterborough. You should see how many GTA’er are at Costco to shop in Peterborough on way to cottage life, Lindsay(City of Kawartha Lakes) could have this tax base too. Walmart is just China’s garbage sealed in Plastic to look good.

  3. Terri says:

    Please provide source and link for CoKL losing small town designation? Do I want more people in our town? I want jobs for people who do live here…population is increasing globally but you think ours to stagnate?

  4. Phillip Lee says:

    Always said we need a balance not just a place to live high tax and water bills would level out to .

  5. Norma Lyons says:

    Lindsay should stay as is. We don’t need to go bigger. We r just a small community with the right amount of ppl. There’s no reasons for ppl from Toronto area to come this. It will only bring trouble of all kind. N we don’t need this in our community. Food banks r having a hard time feeding so many families that r struggling as it is. Bringing in Walmart Home Depot would b a wise thing to do. It would give a lot of ppl jobs. Stop over crowding Lindsay.

    • Karla Forgaard-Pullen says:

      Norma, in Canada we are all given or hold the right to mobility within the country. Anyone can live wherever they choose within public law such as zoning, protected areas, safety concerns etc and of course means.
      I prefer non-city living too, but don’t want the right to decide who should buy or build the house next door.
      My rights extend to all Canadians, even if it means my environment shifts. It is the price of a free ( well, freer) society.

  6. Kenneth Wayne Ham says:

    We moved here 2 yrs ago believing that a Walmart store was in the works with other related commercial development, and now we hear that it is no longer on the table, to be replaced with residential subdivisions instead.,

    We are not happy.


    • Hussain Jariwala says:

      Walmart needs a population of 30k, currently it is around 22k, so might take some more time

      I have heard about Walmart part of Craft development so once the houses are ready, big store should be on cards

      There is a huge community planned called Sugarwoods somewhere near Highway 35

  7. Charlie says:

    As this Lindsay is growing in population and residents, we need the Walmart and home depot and other big box stores. Taxes will help Lindsay and provide alot of jobs for everyone. How great is that JOBS for young teenager. This Lindsay should really consider this to move forward.

  8. James says:

    Lindsay town council has dragged its feet for years on walmart now walmart is backing out congrats town council great job morons

  9. Michael Collins says:

    I am disappointed as to how this town has turned out. It was once such a quate place. Now its run by people who only have $$$ on the mind.

    Yes, build up the area so I can keep up with the times, build new homes, shopping centres and etc. But why is no one focusing on how bad some of the schools have turned. How they don’t have proper extra curricular actives for kids to young adults. Ex. the soccer club gave my son broken equipment to be a coach? There is no real structure anymore, unfortunately the old need to step down and let the young take over. Like seriously. It’s 2022… wake up Lindsay!

  10. Wallace says:

    With all the homeless begging for money at the entrance to every bank, the meth clinics, and weed shops, Lindsay is starting to look EXACTLY like some lovely areas in the big city.

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