Is Ford a Progressive Conservative?

By Lindsay Advocate

First, I second Judi Forbes’ comment in her December letter in the Advocate when she writes, “Bravo to Barbara Doyle for standing as the NDP candidate for HKLB in the upcoming election.” It is important for all voices to be heard, all policies presented, for the electorate to decide, regardless of chances of winning.

Then, scrolling down to the final sentence, “ask yourselves what the Ontario Conservative party has done to make your life better in the last four years.”

My short answer to her question is that the PC government, true to their word, cancelled the disastrous Green Energy Act. 

Sure, most of the damage had already been done, but the Ford government did its best to cancel future ill-conceived contracts, and even paid heavy penalties to eliminate more in progress.

Cancelling the Green Energy Act did more for the people of Ontario than any single act that I can envision.

–Carl Sweetman, Lindsay

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