Hit show coming to high schools about risk of gambling

By Lindsay Advocate

Online gambling represents one of the fastest growing segments of the gambling industry and studies are now showing that the rate of youth gambling online is rising. To help raise awareness of the risks of gambling to students across Ontario, the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is touring high schools for a fifth year, with its hit show – GAME BRAiN.

“The opportunity for young people to gamble is increasing. In addition, the growth of social games with ‘gambling type features’ and the high levels of screen time among teens, is a cause for concern,” said Shelley White, chief executive officer at the Responsible Gambling Council. “Compared to adults, studies also show that young people are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop a gambling problem. GAME BRAiN helps students understand the dangers of gambling, before it becomes a problem.”

Media are invited to attend a live performance of GAME BRAiN at either I.E. Weldon Secondary or Lindsay Collegiate on Wednesday, Nov. 28. Please RSVP as we’ll need to contact the school beforehand. Jason Agnew will be available for interviews after the show.

This one-hour show includes five high-energy game show-style activities designed to inform and engage teens. Students play against each other in teams and learn about the realities of gambling, what someone risks losing, signs of a problem, and available help resources.

This year, GAME BRAiN will also be running a contest on social media to help spread the awareness message to students who do not get the chance to see the live show. The contest will give Ontario students a chance to win a gift certificate from Amazon.ca to help with the costs of school.

To find out more about GAME BRAiN visit www.GameBrain.ca or follow GameBrainCA on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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