Highway 35 restoration project announced by Province

By Lindsay Advocate

Today MPP Laurie Scott announced the Ontario government is investing in Highway 35 restoration projects to improve road safety in the northern Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton.  The restoration projects will include culvert upgrades, and rehabilitation of the Gull River bridge in Moore Falls.

This funding is part of a $1.3 billion investment in transportation projects announced by Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation. These projects will help create jobs for Ontario’s construction industry and help keep our highways reliable so that our province has a transportation network that encourages job creation, investment and trade in every region of the province.

“As our government manages Ontario’s finances in a responsible manner, we are protecting services that matter most, including road maintenance,” Yurek said. “No matter what the service, policy, program or investment, our government puts people at the heart of our decision making. This funding is a clear example of that commitment. We are working to improve road safety for all Ontarians.”

The Ministry of Transportation is planning to proceed with 123 rehabilitation projects across the province. Across the Eastern region, 30 projects are going to tender with a combined value of $195 million. An additional 32 projects are going to tender with a combined value of $291 million in the Northeastern region.

“This transportation infrastructure investment will improve road safety while creating good construction jobs in our riding and across the province,” said Scott.

“Our work is about investing in people, in safety, and in the success of Ontario. The government’s commitment to transportation infrastructure funding supports the continued success of Ontario’s road building contractors who have strong, proven track records and close ties with local communities, as well as supporting the provincial tax base. With the announcement today, contractors are able to plan their operations, hire staff, mobilize equipment and invest in supply chains and local economies across Ontario,” said Steve Smith, President, Ontario Road Builders’ Association.

“ORBA members build virtually all of the provincial and municipal roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure across the province and the road building sector directly employs in excess of 30,000 workers at peak season. The announcement today helps us continue our work with the government on connecting and enhancing the productivity of communities, alleviating congestion, and enhancing the safety of everyone who uses Ontario’s transportation infrastructure,” said Bryan Hocking, Chief Operating Officer, Ontario Road Builders’ Association.


  1. wayne medford says:

    This is the basic maintenance that is required. Scott’s hypocrisy continues to grow along with her governments ‘commitments to helping people’. She, they, stopped prematurely the basic income guarantee which truly invested in people and was geared to helping people get themselves out of poverty. She, they, want to ‘invest’ over $2 BILLION in subways in Toronto. How does that help the people of Kawartha Lakes? The City of Kawartha Lakes needs a rural transit system to serve all in the city not just Lindsay. This is the worse premier/government I have ever experienced. I thought Mike Harris was incompetent. He was a virtual genius compared to this gang.

  2. Stan says:

    Wayne Medford, This is the basic maintenance that is required….

    Go get trained and get a job doing the the so called maintenance.

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