Hemy Hockey keeps it sharp at Rec Complex

Business Upfront

By Lindsay Advocate

Randy Hyndman has been sharpening skates for more than 25 years. Photo: Sienna Frost.

Hemy Hockey may be small in dimensions, but the little shop has been doing big business for over the last two decades.

Randy Hyndman, the proprietor, began sharpening skates a little over 25 years ago after he found sharpeners to be in short supply – and with a background in coaching both minor hockey and power skating, Hyndman knew how important a razor-sharp pair of skates were. What began as a hobby in his backyard tool shed soon evolved into a lucrative business, and in 2004 Hyndman opened for business in his current location inside the Lindsay Recreation Complex.

Hemy Hockey is a service-oriented business. While Hyndman offers some specialty products for sale, his main focus is on what the trade calls custom profiling. Local figure skating clubs have entrusted their blades to Hyndman, as have hockey players from across the region. Customers who have moved across the country have even been known to send their skates back to Hyndman for sharpening.

Whether they be a youngster just getting out onto the ice, or an experienced goalkeeper, Hyndman insists that all of his customers “be treated like a pro.”

Hemy Hockey can be reached at (705) 328-4216 or via email at .

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