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By Roderick Benns

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When Kawartha Lakes Paramedics Bruce Mackay and Francine Scott responded to a 9-1-1 call last week, they were not expecting to experience a small miracle. However, they did – and Kawartha Lakes wants to find and thank the good Samaritans who made this miracle happen.

Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Services responded to a call regarding an elderly man who had collapsed at the intersection of Cambray and Elm Tree Street in Cambray. When the Paramedics arrived, they were welcomed by a crowd of residents who had started CPR on the senior. Upon the Paramedics arrival the residents continued CPR while being instructed by the Paramedics, who were setting up the defibrillator.

“We were not the heroes, they were,” said Paramedic Francine Scott. “Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Services would like to express our thanks and gratitude to them, if we can find them.”

The residents continued to assist after the Paramedics took over caring for the senior. “They were all extremely helpful,” adds Paramedic Bruce Mackay. “The residents took our direction and delivered perfectly on everything we asked of them. They did everything from ripping tape, picking up our garbage on the ground and grabbing our bags.”

As the Paramedics prepared to depart for the hospital, they announced to the crowd that they had got a pulse back from the senior. From the inside of the patient compartment, with the doors closed, the paramedics could hear the eruption of cheers and clapping outside the ambulance. The man was taken to the hospital.

“This is such an incredible and inspiring event,” said Acting Paramedic Chief Andrew Rafton. “We want to thank all those individuals involved. The cooperation and quick thinking among this group of strangers, along with their shared participation with Paramedics, gave this man a fighting chance. We hope that the public can help us find these good Samaritans.”

Kawartha Lakes is looking to the public to help us find and thank these individuals.

If you were one of the residents who helped, or if you know someone who was there, contact

From May 26 to June 1, Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Services is celebrating Paramedic Services Week. Join Kawartha Lakes in thanking and celebrating our First Responders who help save lives. Learn more about the Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Services on our website.

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