Green Party goes with Godsoe

By Roderick Benns

Green Party candidate Angel Godsoe.

The local Green Party has cancelled their nomination meeting that would have decided between two candidates and instead have gone with Angel Godsoe who will represent Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock for the Greens.

A farmer who owns Heaven’s Gait Stable, just north of Cambray, said she is “already assembling” her team when the Advocate contacted her this morning.

“I’m so excited — I’m most looking forward to speaking with people and hearing what matters to them,” said Godsoe.

Usually a nomination meeting is required when there is more than one candidate willing to represent a political party. The local Green’s nomination contest (where any card-carrying Green Party representative can vote) was to be held next week. However, Godsoe says the Greens realized they wanted to get campaigning right away so decided to quickly make that choice.

Godsoe served as a legislative page at Queens Park and told Green supporters she has “always been proud of our Canadian political system and feel strongly led to participate.”

A mother of nine children, Godsoe is interested in international affairs such as human rights and immigration and is also a proponent of electoral reform.

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