Globus Theatre rounds out the summer with a new Canadian curling comedy, Hurry Hard

By Lindsay Advocate

The cast of Kristen Da Silva's 'Hurry Hard' is looking forward to sharing this curling comedy with patrons at Globus Theatre, August 16-26.

Globus Theatre has had a busy 20th anniversary season and now ends its summer with a fun and energetic curling comedy, Hurry Hard, by popular Canadian playwright Kristen Da Silva.

When Bill and Sandy’s marriage split up, so did their curling team. Seven years later, on the eve of the annual bonspiel, a sudden emergency forces Bill, Sandy, and their friends to put aside their differences and come together to make a winning foursome.  This heartwarming story of second chances makes Hurry Hard a curling comedy you won’t want to skip.

“Sports are an alluring subject for storytellers. In addition to the natural abundance of story ingredients (protagonists and antagonists, a ticking clock, built-in stakes), there’s the idea that competition brings out the best and the worst in us,” says playwright Kristen Da Silva. “There’s a quote most often attributed to Heywood Hale Broun: ‘sports don’t build character, they reveal it.’ As a writer interested in relationships (and the comedy that arises from them), this offered too many possibilities to resist. This is why Hurry Hard concerns itself less with curling than with what curling does to and for the characters.”

Hurry Hard was the winner of the Stage West Award for Best New Comedy in 2019 – and it’s the perfect addition to our 20th season which has an emphasis on laughter and celebration!” says Globus’ artistic director Sarah Quick. “Many of our patrons will remember another of Kristen’s wildly popular comedies Sugar Road, which was on the Globus stage a few years ago and in which I played a character that got stuck in a sleeping bag We can’t wait to bring more of this type of physical comedy and snappy one-liners to our stage again from August 16-26.”

Hurry Hard stars Globus regulars Dave Pearce, Kevin Sepaul and Sarah Quick and new company members Elana Post (Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Port Stanley Festival Theatre) and Alex Furber (Drayton Entertainment; Theatre Orangeville).

With all the warmth and camaraderie of a great evening at the curling club, Hurry Hard is sure to entertain and resonate with audiences of all ages, curlers and non-curlers alike.

Hurry Hard runs from August 16-26. Tickets are $45 for the theatre, and $90 for dinner and theatre. For more information or to purchase tickets visit or call the Globus Theatre box office at 705-738-2037.

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