Gamiing Nature Centre offers summer day camps

By Lindsay Advocate

Gamiing Nature Centre is offering summer day camp in August for ages 4-11.

During the five-day nature camp, youth will participate in active and engaging outdoor experiences. Campers will use the newly refurbished Discovery Shack which has been restored thanks to local community support. Here, campers will be able to examine wildlife skeletons and conduct shoreline science experiments, according to a media release.

The Hayloft provides the morning check-in site and home base to campers, as it offers a rustic vibe and shelter from the summer elements. From the Hayloft, campers explore the many canopy-lined coniferous trails and wild edible plants leading to the shoreline of Pigeon Lake where canoes and kayaks await. Observing wildlife, meadows and wet trails as well as stretching the imagination at The Hobbit House, Gamiing Nature Centre also offers an inviting salt water in-ground swimming pool for the enjoyment of young campers during the long hot days of summer.

Should the weather turn damp, The Strawbale is within reach and offers a warm space to continue to learn about our lands and natural environment through a variety of nature-themed activities. We prioritize safety by establishing clear guidelines with all participants. Children are encouraged to decide if/when they are ready to participate in these activities and are supervised throughout.

Programs are designed to foster an appreciation of nature and a sense of adventure. Experienced staff create a safe and supportive environment, encouraging kids’ natural curiosity and providing opportunities to make new friends. Zero-waste products, like reusable water bottles, and bring everything out that you take in, including wrappers, containers, and food scrapsare recommended.  

The first intake is Aug. 9-13. The second is Aug. 16–20. The cost for a five-day program, 9 am to 3 pm daily, is $250. Two or more children would be $225 each.

Sample Activities, weather permitting, include traditional skills (fire making, beading, outdoor cooking, paddling), nature-based games and crafts, birding, observing wildlife, exploring the wonders of nature through natural sciences.

COVID protocols as recommended by the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board will be in place.

Day Camp promotes awareness and respect for nature through year-round, hands-on outdoor nature education and park stewardship activities. We strongly believe that an important part of connecting with nature involves responsible, active outdoor play. Staying on the trails helps keep human impact to just the trail.

GAMIING Nature Centre operates on more than 200 acres of property consisting of a natural shoreline along Pigeon Lake, while surrounded by wetlands, forests, and meadows. On site students explore Beehives, orchards, The Hayloft, The Discovery Shack portable, the Greenhouse and the Strawbale The Gathering Place and the Hobbit House.  

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