Future of Lindsay service club signs in question

By Kirk Winter

The future of two longtime Lindsay sign landmarks is in question and may be discussed at a Kawartha Lakes committee of the whole meeting next Tuesday March 8.

The landmarks in question, the ‘Welcome to Lindsay’ signs found on Kent Street near Popeye’s and on Lindsay Street South across from the cemetery are scheduled to be taken down sometime in March. Local service club are featured on the signs and believe the decision is wrong with no current city plan in place for their refurbishment or replacement.

Service clubs across the city received the following note on Feb. 22 from Jennifer Johnston, administrative assistant in the Kawartha Lakes economic development department:

“I am writing to you regarding…the large service club signs in Lindsay. The large signs are in disrepair and have become a health and safety issue so we have decided to take them down. There is no plan to replace these signs at this time. It will be a decision down the road.”

“These are the signs which welcome visitors and newcomers to Lindsay,” writes Probus Club secretary John Sale. “They are not a good advertisement as they stand. I believe that they should be refurbished, but it may be cheaper to renew them. Either way we should ensure there is a confirmed plan in place before the council’s threatened action takes place.”

When contacted for comment, Cheri Davidson, manager of communications, advertising and marketing for Kawartha Lakes, said this will be “part of a wider discussion of surrounding signage across the municipality. It will be coming to council March 8 as part of a report that recaps the work of the downtown revitalization committees.”

Davidson said council has made no decisions yet regarding the signs.

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  1. Judy Kennedy says:

    Removing and not replacing the sign boards for community service clubs at the entrance to Lindsay would be a shameful show of ignorance and disrespect by the city, to all of the hard working members who dedicate their personal resources and time to raising money to help fund services and facilities that make our communities wholesome and vibrant. Without them, we would not have sports parks, after school programs, parent/child mentoring, youth sport sponsorships, to name a few valuable and generous benefits that these organizations provide.

    These signboards should be completely replaced, without delay, if the city feels that they are in disrepair, as a token of gratitude for the services and benefits that these organizations provide.

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