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For the record: What did Laurie/Jamie do? (Sept. 28, 2018)

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September 22nd saw local MP Jamie Schmale at the 14th Annual Cavan Hills 5/10km Country Walk/Run in support of St. John’s Anglican Church in Ida. That same day he posted shots from Millbrook Ontario where he attended the Harvest Table Fundraising Dinner.

September 23rd he was in Cannington celebrating new accessibility upgrades at the Cannington Historical Society’s Blacksmith and Carriage Shop.

September 24th marked a return to Parliament and  Schmale was back asking questions on the Trans Mountain Pipeline.  Repeating his claim from last week, Schmale stated that, “Ontario manufacturers know that every job created in the energy sector results in seven manufacturing jobs in Ontario. When will Ontarians finally see a plan to save our manufacturing jobs?”

Schmale voted on one motion on September 24th.  Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms.  Schmale voted against the bill which passed 185-79.

On September 25th,  Schmale once again spoke on the Trans Mountain pipeline.  Saying “We have a plan while the Liberals just delay. Will the government adopt the Conservative plan and bring jobs and investment back to Canada?”

Social media also indicates that  Schmale met with Kim O’Neil and Roger Peters on September 25th, both involved in the Canadian beef industry for a ‘Parliament Hill Picnic In the Rain.’

On September 26th Schmale told a personal story about his mother and her battle with multiple sclerosis. The entire story can be read in the Hansard for the day at this link. It was told in relation to Bill C-81, an act to ensure a barrier-free Canada. He had some back and forth with both Elizabeth May and Martin Shield and finished his statement expressing support for Bill C-81 and saying “When we do not have an issue with mobility, sometimes we do not even think about those barriers or something that may appear so small to us could be a really big deal for those who are not mobile.”

The same day (September 26th) on his social media, Schmale shared a graphic by the Conservative Party of Canada and wrote an original tweet expressing outrage at the Liberal Bill C-71 and promising a conservative government would repeal it. 

This is what Mario Harel, Past President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police , said about this bill while it was still in committee.

On the 27th  Schmale visited with Lois and Pat Shaw from the Brock Youth Centre and Lonneke Brown, Principal of Heritage Christian School in Lindsay in Ottawa, according to his Twitter account.

Local MPP and Minister of Labour Laurie Scott spent the weekend making various public appearances.  September 22nd she posted pictures from appearances at the 6th Freedom Walk in Toronto, the Harvest Table fundraiser in Millbrook and the Lindsay Ex.  It does not appear that Scott attended ‘Ford Fest’, the annual Ford Family event, though she did share multiple videos and pictures from the event.

September 24th Scott posted announcements, both original tweets and shared from the Conservative propaganda network ‘Ontario News Now’ that discussed the announcement by the provincial conservatives to launch an investigation into ‘how Ontario’s fiscal situation became so dire.’  On the same day,  Scott was pictured in photos on Doug Ford’s twitter page that showed the cabinet gathered to ‘review the findings of the line-by-line audit.’

September 25th Scott posted a message saying ‘A big part of fiscally sustainable gov’t services is changing how we think. It’s about realizing that a cultural shift must take place.’  Scott does not indicate what this means or provide any explanation as to what she is talking about.

September 26th Scott in her capacity as Labour Minister announced that WSIB had eliminated their unfunded liability. This is something that WSIB had talked about doing in 2012 and was on track to eliminate by 2027, a timeline which has been moved up.

Scott said in a separate communication that this was “just one part of our plan to lower taxes, reduce the regulatory burden, protect and grow jobs and send a message to the world that Ontario is open for business.”

This week Scott shared posts on her Twitter account a total of six times from the Conservative propaganda network “Ontario News Now.

The Legislative Assembly was in session all week.  There is no indication that Scott made any statements or voted in any votes on September 24th, or September 25th.

On September 26th Scott had an exchange with Wayne Gates (NDP, Niagara Falls), in which he called her the ‘Minister of Employers’ before correcting himself to say ‘Minister of Labour.’ And he described the elimination of unfunded liability from WSIB by saying “This dramatic cut for injured workers is dragging Ontario backwards, not moving them forward.”

Scott replied by saying, “Today’s rate reduction of nearly 30 per cent for businesses across the province is a $1.45-billion injection into the economy.”

On September 27th Scott was again questioned about the WSIB unfunded liability issue. This time by Donna Skelly (PC-  Flamborough—Glanbrook).  Being given a softball by her fellow caucus member she was asked “Can the minister explain why the elimination of the WSIB’s unfunded liability was so important for the sustainability of the WSIB and why a rate reduction for employers is great news for all of Ontario?”  The subsequent exchange between the two was congratulatory.

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