For the record: What did Laurie/Jamie do? Week of Sept. 2, 2018
Ontario Labour Minister Laurie Scott and MP Jamie Schmale.

For the record: What did Laurie/Jamie do? (Sept. 7, 2018)

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For the record: What did Laurie/Jamie do? Week of Sept. 2, 2018
Ontario Labour Minister Laurie Scott and MP Jamie Schmale.

The Lindsay Advocate is introducing a weekly column to explore what our local MPP and MP did each week on behalf of their constituents. We will highlight how our representatives voted and what issues they talked about during the week. In the case of Labour Minister Laurie Scott, as a minister we will also highlight elements relevant to her portfolio and her government’s work that directly affects Kawartha Lakes.

This piece will evolve with each passing week and we hope you find it informative. Did we miss something? Let us know.

Laurie Scott

Sept. 2, 2018, Scott tweeted pictures from the Kinmount fair.

On Sept. 3, 2018, as Toronto’s Labour Day Parade bypassed the CNE this year out of respect for the IATSE Local 58, Laurie Scott issues a statement with Premier Doug Ford on Labour Day which highlighted what they say is the Government’s commitment to “more economic opportunity for Ontario’s workers” and to “send a message to the world that Ontario is open for business.”

The rest of the week appears to have been pretty calm for Scott, though much of the news for her Government and her riding was dominated by the decision by the Ford Government to cancel the basic income pilot. Lawyer Mike Perry, is seeking a judicial review over the cancellation and the mayors of four communities, including Kawartha Lakes are bringing a proposal forward to the Federal Liberals to take over the project.

Jamie Schmale

Conservative MP Jamie Schmale committed to bringing the proposed federal takeover of the basic income pilot to the attention of his federal counterparts.

On Tuesday the federal ‘Common’s Natural Resource Committee’ voted down an opposition motion to review the government’s $4.5 billion dollar acquisition of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Jamie Schmale voted for the motion which was defeated 5-4.

On Twitter, Schamle had two original posts this week, highlighting both the Kinmount Fair (Sept. 1) and Kirkfield Festival (Sept. 2). He retweeted an additional nine tweets, mostly from fellow PC members bashing the federal Liberals on both the Trans Mountain Pipeline and hand gun statistics.


  1. Thanks for this, very informative! Too bad Laurie doesn’t have time to actually respond to letters herself – just has time to have a lackey copy & paste form letters. Guess she has too much to do what with all her twitting and all…

  2. Thanks for this. I have always wondered why the activities and issue voting of our federal and provincial reps very seldom get published in the local press and not many people take the time to find out how they do vote. Perhaps now that this is being made easily available, it will be remembered come Election Day. Way to go!

  3. I have found that if you are critical of their posts (political party, pages in general) especially if you are well informed and well spoken, they’ll debate a little in hopes they can turn your argument against you. Then when you keep producing evidence and asking difficult questions, they block you.

  4. On TV I see Laurie smiling sitting behind Doug Ford. So far he has cancelled a good sex ed. program, the basic income pilot which has not been given the chance to discover its outcomes, cancel representation in Toronto’s City Governance with out any consultation ands only effort for the people is a Buck a Beer. Shame!

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