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Minister of Labour Scott said ‘Mental Health is just as important as physical health.’

For the record: What did Laurie/Jamie do? (Oct. 12, 2018)

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A calm week in the house for MPs as they did not have to sit all week and could instead focus on constituents. October 6 Local MP Jamie Schmale posted images from the ‘5th Annual Turkey Trot’ in Fenelon Falls. On October 7 he was in Bobcaygeon to celebrate the winning of the “Ontario’s Communities in Bloom”.  

Oct 9, Schmale posted pictures from a meeting at Fleming College in Peterborough where he met with new president, Maureen Adamson.  

October 10th Schmale posted pictures from IE Weldon in Lindsay where he met with students to discuss ‘post secondary education, employment opportunities and retention of youth in our area.

With the House out Schmale did much retweeting and sharing on Twitter and Facebook. It started on Thanksgiving Day with the sharing of a four and a half minute clip from WKRP in Cincinnati for fun, referencing his own radio journalism background. He then spent the week retweeting fellow MPs on a variety of conservative talking points. This included posts about the USCMA,  victim rights, Scott Kelly, carbon tax, and support for Margaret Thatcher.  

Likewise, Minister of Labour and local MPP Laurie Scott had a calm week with no sitting in the legislative assembly.  She posted a Thanksgiving Day message on Oct 7, and shared Premier Doug Ford’s message as well.  

October 9 was all about the provincial Conservatives celebrating 100 days in office. Scott shared pride in what her government has accomplished. Various outlets had takes on the first 100 days of a Doug Ford Government including interesting analysis from The Toronto Star and iPolitics.   

On October 10, Scott shared a video and summary of from the @onGov twitter account that summarized the government’s take on the first 100 days.  She also shared a meeting she had with Kawartha Lakes Police Chief Mark Mitchell on “community safety”.

October 10 was also ‘World Mental Health Day’ and Scott made an original posting saying ‘Mental Health is just as important as physical health’ and encouraged ‘everyone to have a conversation about mental health and the stigma associated with it. It’s okay to not be okay. ‘  Ironically, Minister Scott’s government cut $335 million in planned spending on mental health within their highly touted first 100 days and shut down the Ontario Basic Income Pilot — a pilot which many recipients had spoken out about, especially how it had reduced their anxiety.

October 10 Scott also announced an Agreement in Principle between Kawartha Downs and the Ontario Government. The deal saves an unspecified amount of jobs at Kawartha Downs and keeps horse racing the Cavan/Peterborough area.

October 11, Minister Scott appeared on “Global Peterborough” (video link here) to talk both about the Kawartha Downs deal and the cancellation of the basic income project.  Asked about the basic income project Scott focused on job training. “We have jobs that need to be filled in the Lindsay area. So those that can work, ah, with Ontario Works, working with training to get them back into the workforce. Which is the best way to get people out of poverty.”  

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