Food Source launches salsa brand with a social purpose

By Lindsay Advocate

The Kawartha Lakes Food Source (KLFS) is launching their own brand of salsa with a social purpose.

Unlike massive multi-national corporations who pocket profits from product sales, the proceeds from KLFS Salsa are invested into operating expenses such as rent, allowing them to continue to deliver food access and food literacy programs within Kawartha Lakes.

In early 2020, KLFS put an online poll out to the community asking them what type of KLFS food product they would be most interested in purchasing. Salsa won by a landslide, with over 70 per cent of respondents choosing it over the alternative options.

Over the course of the past year, KLFS has been quietly working away at recipe development, marketing assessments, and regulatory compliance. The final recipe was developed in collaboration with George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio, and the salsa was produced by KLFS staff and volunteers alongside the knowledgeable employees of the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre.

To date, they have produced 3,000 jars of salsa which will be on local store shelves on May 20 of this year. Each jar of salsa will be priced at approximately $4.99. Retail locations will include Reid’s Valu-Mart, Farmer’s Butcher Shop, Mariposa Woolen Mill, Fresh FueLL and Burns Bulk Food.

Additionally, KLFS will be partnering with the Kawartha Box to have the product included in an upcoming bundle. Salsa will also be available for sale at assorted events such as farmers markets, so keep your eye on KLFS’ social media for these pop-up purchasing opportunities.

“Our hope is that this social enterprise will help KLFS be financially resilient in the midst of any future economic uncertainty,” says Heather Kirby, executive director at the Kawartha Lakes Food Source.

“The project will be an ongoing, self-sustaining source of revenue that compliments our regular fundraising efforts. Diversifying our streams of income is a priority for our team as a way of mitigating risk and ensuring we can always be relied on by our member agencies and our community during times of need.”

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to Community Foundations of Canada for providing us the initial grant through their Investment Readiness Program to fund this project,” adds Kirby.

For more information about KLFS Salsa or the organization, please click here.

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