Flato makes largest donation in Ross Memorial’s history

$3 million dollars will support the digital transformation of patient care and enhancement of services

By Denise Waldron

Shakir Rehmatullah, president of Flato, with Mayor Andy Letham.

Ross Memorial Hospital officials announced today that FLATO Developments is donating $3 million dollars to support the digital transformation of patient care and enhancement of services at the Lindsay hospital.

The hospital will dedicate the FLATO Developments Ambulatory Care Centre to recognize this donation — the largest donation in the hospital’s history.

This digital transformation includes all new patient care equipment — such as the new CT scanner and MRI, which will be digitally connected, providing world-class imaging and up-to-the-minute clinical information where and when the patient needs it.

Hospital president and CEO Kelly Isfan says a patient, digital information is pretty powerful. “If you’ve been to hospital anywhere in the province, that digital information is available and you don’t have to repeat tests and the clinicians have a bit more of your history at Ross Memorial.”

Isfan notes we have lots of elderly residents and they and their loved ones can log into My Chart and the digital information is there. “It strikes you as first as it’s computers or IT, but truly we are just information and it can all be digitized.”

FLATO previously donated $1.2 million to Fleming College’s Frost Campus in Lindsay along with a donation to the Academy Theatre and a new playground at Fenelon Township Public School.

For FLATO Developments president Shakir Rehmatullah, the cause is personal — his father passed away from cancer and that’s why he started getting involved in supporting hospitals. “When you are going to the hospital that distance between your home and the hospital, you are really scared and really worried. I always think about what we can do to support our hospitals because we all need these great institutions to save our lives.”

Rehmatullah says the hospital plays a key role in community health and growth and needs access to “the right equipment and facilities to deliver the best care.”

Tim Shauf, RMH Foundation Board Campaign Chair said although the hospital is still in the early stages of the fundraising campaign, they are thrilled to learn of Shakir Rehmattulah’s interest in the Hospital’s priority needs.

“Having met with Shakir several times over the last few months, I’ve witnessed how committed he is to growing strong communities and how much he values the availability of high-quality health care,” said Shauf.

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  1. BILL DENBY says:

    That was really great of FLATO DEVELOPMENTS to step up and Donate $ 3 million to our Ross, Hopefully this will not be there last donation to the Ross! The City is Cash Strapped for the next 8 to 10 years because we have a lot of Roads & Infrastructure Projects that have to be completed in order to place the City on a Solid Foundation for Planned Growth will cost Millions of Dollars. I can envision Lindsay growing to 60,000 to 80,000 people in just 10 to 15 years within City Limits. The needs within Lindsay will be overwelming for the Businesses, Property owners to complete everything that will be needed for that planned growth! The Roads & infrastructure we can tap into Provincial & Federal Grants, But it would be nice if all the Developers were like FLATO DEVELOPMENTS! The Million of Dollars that FLATO is investing into our Communities shows that they are here for the long Haul in Building our City into a real working City! It would be nice if FLATO DEVELOPMENT could help us with a lot of our Projects planned with in the City, nice $20 or 40 Million Donation would help us get off to a great Start on all our Projects Planned! WE would welcome their Donation to the City of Kawartha Lakes as a Building Partner that leads by example, maybe some of our other Developers would come on Board with a Nice Donation! Lets hope FLATO DEVELOPMENT writes the City a Check for $ 20 Million to Start! William J Denby, the peoples Mayor

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