Fire Rescue Services announces start of new Mariposa Fire Station

By Lindsay Advocate

Mariposa Fire Station

Last week, officials from the municipality announced the ground-breaking of the new fire station being built in Mariposa.

The Mariposa Fire Station will be the new home to the consolidated stations of Little Britain and the Oakwood, a decision that was brought forward after a location study was conducted through the current Master Fire Plan.

Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst, Councillor Andrew Veale and Project Lead Mark Wilson from MVW Construction and Engineering each took part in digging the first shovel to commemorate the project start.

“It’s been a long process to get where we are today and I’m excited for what this new building means for Kawartha Lakes’ Fire Rescue Service,” stated Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst. “With new amenities, such as a modern apparatus bay, a dedicated training room, a decontamination area and laundry facilities to keep health and safety a priority, this project is an excellent example of how we continue to build for the future.”

The building was designed through a committee that included firefighters from both of the consolidated stations.

The new fire station is a part of the municipality’s current Master Fire Plan, and is expected to be ready by the middle of 2021.

The current timeline indicates a goal of completing the structure’s external base in the next few months so that work can be continued internally throughout winter.

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