Fenelon Falls Wastewater System currently overflowing

By Lindsay Advocate

The Fenelon Falls Wastewater System – Colborne St. Sewage Pumping Station — is currently overflowing, releasing raw sewage into the Fenelon River, since about 1:30 pm today.

The system is currently receiving higher than normal sewage flows due to extreme wet weather, and the amount of wastewater entering the sewer system has exceeded the capacity of the system.

The impact of the spill on water quality will be minimal given dilution due to significant rainfall, however residents drawing water downstream from the Colborne St. Sewage Pumping Station (bottom side of Fenelon locks) should take precautions.

The Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District (HKPR) Health Unit advises residents who draw their water from the Fenelon River to use a proper filtration and disinfection system before consuming the water. Surface water can be contaminated by viruses, bacteria or parasites that can cause illness. Although extra precaution should be taken during the overflow event, it is always important to ensure that surface water is properly treated before drinking or using to be sure it is safe.

Homes and businesses connected to municipal water from the Fenelon Falls Drinking Water System are not affected and their water continues to be safe to drink.

Residents will be advised when the overflow event has ended.


  1. Angel Godsoe says:

    Thank you for this notice & the good advice! This situation needs to be addressed !

  2. Pete Walendzewicz says:

    Greedy politicians keep allowing developers to build more houses to pollute the water. It’s their green plan in Kawatha Lakes.

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