Fenelon Falls is a stop in the Cross Country Quilt Road Show honouring grandmothers

By Lindsay Advocate

The Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers Campaign was created in Africa to honour the courageous grandmothers who stepped up to raise their grandchildren after the AIDS crisis decimated millions of African mothers and fathers.

Canadian grandmothers rallied, too, determined to raise funds and support those African grandmothers who were already doing so much. Over 20 years, more than $40 million has been raised and now 150 international groups have mobilized. There are groups all across Canada and now also in England and Australia. In Fenelon Falls, a “Granny group” has raised over $40,000 for this cause.

As well, the 20th Anniversary Solidarity Quilt, created by hundreds of  Granny hands, started in Africa, and finished here in Canada by quilting groups in Manitoba and Kitchener-Waterloo, will be appearing in Fenelon Falls. (In the accompanying illustration is the grandmother tree, representing her leadership and protection. Her arms shelter the saplings at her feet, representing her grand children, and the colourful roots go deep into the African soil of her community.)

“We are honoured to be part of a cross-Canada quilt road show, with more than 35 stops in all 10 provinces,” says organizer Dana Bachman.

“Human rights, justice, feminism and anti racism are stitched into this one of a kind quilt.”

View the special quilt during Moonlight Madness in Fenelon Falls on Saturday June 24 from 4 pm to midnight at The Lil Wee Quilt Shoppe. It’s also at the Sturgeon Point Art Show on Saturday July 8. The Quilt will also be available for viewing July 10 to July 14 in the Fenelon Falls Public Library and at Maryboro Lodge, the Fenelon Falls Museum, on Wednesday July 19 during “Christmas in July” teatime.

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