Fenelon Falls Brewing Company acquired by confectionery business; beer to remain on tap

Murphy’s Lockside Pub & Patio to provide day-to-day management

By Geoff Coleman

Waterbridge has appointed the management of Murphy's Lockside Pub & Patio to create a premier entertainment venue. Photo: Geoff Coleman.

The Fenelon Falls dining and entertainment landscape changed today as Waterbridge Confectionery Ltd, one of the largest privately-held confectionery companies in Canada acquired the Fenelon Falls Brewing Company.

In addition to changes in both the brewing and restaurant businesses, Waterbridge owner Brian Hicks promises the addition of an innovative chocolate and confectionery experience. As part of the development, a dedicated building section will be transformed into a unique chocolate experience, showcasing Waterbridge Chocolates’ signature creations.

“We have been looking for an opportunity to extend our business model into the retail and service environment for some time. Fenelon Falls offers an ideal environment and the Fenelon Falls Brewery a unique location to develop our first retail venture. I am also delighted that we could make this happen in what is my hometown, having lived in the Kawarthas since 2017 and sailed out of Sturgeon Lake since 2006.”

As Hicks explains, a couple who are no strangers to the local restaurant scene will helm the day-to-day operations. Waterbridge has appointed the management of Murphy’s Lockside Pub & Patio to elevate the restaurant into a premier entertainment venue. This collaboration aims to combine culinary excellence with a vibrant atmosphere, ensuring a memorable experience for all patrons.

“I am also excited to be able to embark on this adventure with our friends Jason and Heather Lynn from Murphy’s Lockside Pub and Patio, and I am confident that we will deliver a unique addition to the town of Fenelon Falls.”

For his part, Jason Lynn says, “we are looking forward to creating a unique food and entertainment experience that will compliment what we already do so well at Murphy’s Lockside Pub and Patio. Having a bigger event space means we will be able to really have some fun nights.”

Lynn went on to say they will share their food and entertainment concept in the coming months, teasing that there will be an all-new beer lineup come spring.

In order to facilitate these changes, there will be a temporary closure until spring for upgrades. In the meantime, patrons interested in the chocolate side of things are invited to indulge in a special warehouse-style Christmas chocolate shopping experience on Santa Day (November 25th) at the brewery when Waterbridge owner, Brian Hicks and key directors will be on-site with a selection of what has made Waterbridge a leader in the confectionery and cookie business with annual sales of $70 million.


  1. Lynda Ellen Ward says:

    What time is the chocolate sale on November 25?

  2. Ron King says:

    Good Luck🍀🍀

  3. Bruce says:

    Is it not open before the 25 for Christmas sales

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