Fenelon Falls beach mystery solved

By Kirk Winter

Fenelon Falls Sign with locks in the background

A number of phone calls came in to the Advocate last week inquiring about the demolition of the washroom facility at the Garnet Graham Beach Park in Fenelon Falls.

People were confused and concerned as to why this tear down occurred, and whether the building is going to be replaced.

Doug Elmslie, councillor for ward three, has provided information regarding what was going on at the municipally managed site.

“As part of the splash pad build, phase two will include a teardown of the old worn washrooms and build change rooms and new washrooms including a family washroom,” said Elmslie.

“The building is going to be turned so it faces the splash pad,” Elmslie continued, “and it will have outside showers.”

Elmslie concluded by sharing that the structure will be completed by next summer.

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