Eye in the sky photos a reminder of what will be lost: Reader


By Lindsay Advocate

Lindsay lands International Plowing Match 2020 with expected 80,000 visitors
One Advocate reader has raised concerns about lush green farmland disappearing beneath a planned development east of Lindsay. File photo.

Just a short note to comment about your eye in the sky pictures in the November issue of the Advocate (showing land where Flato Developments Inc. plans to build in Lindsay.)

Any person in their right mind would not appreciate lush green farmland that will soon be flattened and covered with new houses. Only people with nothing but money on their minds can see something good about these pictures. These pictures show what this land should look like for the rest of time but shortly it will be jammed with houses four feet apart and paved streets. If only our council and city staff could see the great mistake that is happening.

Sandy McQuarrie, Kawartha Lakes


  1. Wallace says:

    But no one wants to farm the land so….. —- Also, the houses most of us live in are built on land that was used for farming in the past. Its ok for us to have houses but not ok for anyone else?

  2. Mark Tweedle says:

    If any other “culture” in Canada was systematically dissected as our “agra-cultural” communities are…. I am sure there would be an outcry from social engineers and social wordsmith’s of the day… seemingly, doublemindedness is the hallmark of the day in Canada… for now!

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