Extended producer responsibility recycling in Kawartha Lakes begins April 1, 2024

By Lindsay Advocate

Miller Waste will soon be collecting residential recycling under contract with Circular Materials, according to a news release from the City of Kawartha Lakes.

As of April 1, 2024, residential recycling collection in Kawartha Lakes will be provided by Circular Materials under a new province-wide system that shifts the responsibility of recycling programs to the producers of recycling waste (packaging).

The municipality will no longer provide recycling collection or recycling customer service to the community; those services will now be the responsibility of Circular Materials and the collector they have hired for recycling collection in Kawartha Lakes, Miller Waste.

At this time, there are no changes in recycling services for residents. Recycling collection will still take place on the same day and there will not be any difference as to what can or cannot be recycled.

Blue box (container) and green box (paper/fibre) recycling will continue to be collected on alternating weeks on the same collection day that residents are already accustomed to.

For recycling collection and processing services in Kawartha Lakes, Circular Materials has hired Miller Waste, the same company that the municipality was already using for recycling curbside collection and processing. By utilizing the same recycling collector that the municipality was already using, Circular Materials is not expecting any major issues as the municipality transitions to extended producer responsibility (EPR) recycling.

Starting April 1, 2024, residents are asked to please contact Miller Waste by telephone at 1-888-557-4711 or email at  for inquiries related to missed pick ups, bin replacements, or general recycling questions.

Rest assured, no changes are coming to the municipality’s Recycle Coach mobile app. Residents with the app will still be provided with a personalized waste and recycling schedule right at their fingertips. They will continue to receive notifications for waste and recycling collection changes, pick-up delays, and upcoming special collection days through the app. The app also has a built in “What Goes Where” tool to help residents better sort their waste and recycling. Residents are invited to become better recyclers by downloading the Recycle Coach app on their mobile devices.

Moving forward, for recycling collection and service information, residents are asked to go to the Kawartha Lakes section of the Circular Materials website, and to learn more about extended producer responsibility recycling on the EPR webpage: www.kawarthalakes.ca/EPR

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