Environmental Hero award recipients announced

By Lindsay Advocate

Richard and Sandi Gauder are planting forests around Kawartha Lakes.

Each year, the Kawartha Lakes Environmental Advisory Committee (KLEAC) recognizes individuals and businesses living in Kawartha Lakes who have shown a commitment to improving the wellness of the environment.

The Environmental Hero Awards are a chance for residents to nominate environmental change-makers in Kawartha Lakes and bring attention to the amazing work they’re doing to help the environment in our community.

This year there were two winners of the Environmental Business Hero award and four winners of the Environmental Hero award. Please join us in congratulating our 2022 Environmental Heroes:

Environmental Business Hero: Country Cupboard, Fenelon Falls

Country Cupboard is a health and bulk food store in Fenelon Falls that is committed to the environment, waste free shopping and healthy living. Country Cupboard strives to make leading a healthy lifestyle and having a positive environmental impact easy for their community. Julia Taylor, the owner, is a Fenelon Falls native and she’s been heavily involved in environmental initiatives in Kawartha Lakes for the past 15 years.

Visit the Country Cupboard website to learn more about what they have to offer.

Watch a short video and hear from Julia about how Kawartha Lakes community is supportive of the environment.

Environmental Business Hero: Rockwood Forest Nurseries, Cameron

Rockwood Forest Nurseries has been growing trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, annuals and supplying other ‘green’ products such as mulch, soil and aggregates/gravel to residents of Kawartha Lakes and across the country for over 30 years. In 2022, Rockwood Forest Nurseries eliminated all pesticides linked to weed management, improved the health of their soil by using worm casting, and reduced the nurseries water usage, all while providing residents and out of town customers with green products grown in an environmentally friendly way.

Visit the Rockwood Forest Nurseries website to learn more about what they have to offer.

Environmental Hero: Ann Adare

Ann Adare received multiple nominations for all of the great work she’s done over the past year. Ann moved to the area full time in 2015. Since then she’s been actively involved in the volunteer community. She’s been responsible for several initiatives that have helped protect our environment over the years. In 2022, Ann spearheaded and managed several initiatives including the installation of kayak racks at Lock 32, the planting of 30 trees at Bobcaygeon Beach Park, the repair of the Bobcaygeon bike share bikes, the launch of the heritage walking tour, the completion of the Edgewood wall project and the installation of the first Level 3 Electric Vehicle charging station in Bobcaygeon. Thank you Ann for all that you do!

Environmental Hero: Emily Harper

Emily Harper works in early childhood education in Lindsay. During Earth Week she spent the majority of the week teaching her childcare kids about Earth Day and why maintaining a healthy planet and environment is important. Instilling these important values in the next generation is invaluable. Thank you Emily for inspiring your childcare kids to nurture and protect the natural environment around them!

Environmental Hero: Richard & Sandi Gauder

Husband and wife team, Richard and Sandi Gauder, are on a mission to plant forests all around Kawartha Lakes. The Gauder’s founded the Plant a Forest initiative in 2019 originally as a way to balance out their carbon footprint from a work trip they took to Belize. The Gauder’s work with landowners, farmers and conservation areas to help create biodiversity on their land by planting trees and shrubs in bulk. They fundraise in the community to purchase the plants and they organize large groups of volunteers to help plant the trees and shrubs. Thank you Richard and Sandi for making Kawartha Lakes a greener place to live and visit!

Visit the Plant a Forest initiative blog to learn more about what they’re doing and how you can get involved by volunteering to plant trees or donating money to buy trees.

Environmental Hero: Wil James

Wil James is a Lindsay local that goes out of his way to organize groups of people to do litter and waste clean-ups around Kawartha Lakes. Wil and his friends make Kawartha Lakes a cleaner place to live. Thank you Wil for organizing these clean ups and for inspiring the people around you to help to keep Kawartha Lakes beautiful!

Winners received a certificate acknowledging their contribution to Kawartha Lakes as Environmental Heroes, along with red maple saplings from award sponsor Pineneedle Farms in Pontypool and gardening magazines from Kawartha Conservation.

The winners of the 2022 Environmental Hero Awards were honoured at the May 9 Committee of the Whole meeting, if you missed the meeting, you can view it in full on municipality’s YouTube Channel.


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