Engineering event at Weldon to celebrate National Engineering Month

By Lindsay Advocate

The Lindsay Engineering Challenge was a daylong out of class event. All photos: William McGinn.

To celebrate National Engineering Month, an engineering challenge at I.E. Weldon was held today to allow youth to experience various aspects of problems professional engineers and technologists/technicians strive to solve in their profession. The challenge, hosted by PRI Engineering in Lindsay, encourages ingenuity, creativity and teamwork in solving common engineering problems.

The Lindsay Engineering Challenge was a daylong out of class event. It brings awareness to high school students about applied sciences, math and associated careers, while having fun in a team environment.

The 2023 challenge involved the design and construction of a bridge. Each team received supplies and time to design and to build their bridge. After the bridges were built, organizers tested them to determine how much weight they can carry using a specially constructed testing machine. 

Teams score points for design, construction, performance and knowledge. The cost of the materials used also plays a part in the evaluation. The knowledge-based section consists of a short question sheet about the topics in the project.

The event volunteers included engineers and technologists from a variety of industries to discuss engineering/technology as a career choice.

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