Elections aren’t just about fiscal concerns

By Lindsay Advocate

At election time, candidates provide a number of reasons why you should vote for them.

One that is often given, is that “I’ll be fiscally responsible.”

The carrot is that they will keep taxes in check and possibly reduce them.

Governments are not businesses.

Their responsibilities go beyond just fiscal responsibility. In no particular order, their responsibilities are: social, fiscal, environmental.

Fiscal responsibility is only one of the important aspects of good government.

–Bill Steffler, Lindsay

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  1. WILLIAM J DENBY says:

    I will be the First Person in History to make a Legal Binding Contract with the People in the City of Kawartha Lakes if elected your Mayor for a 4 year Term in Office! I will sign a agreement prepared by the City Lawyer before I take the Oath of Office to pay back all of my salary of $ 240,000.00 to the People in the City to the City Revenue Department if I fail to deliver on any of my 13 point plan for to make the City into a real working City for all the People before I leave Office. I have made the commitment that the other 50 % of my salary will be donated on behalf of the People in the City of Kawartha Lakes to Kawartha Lakes Community Care, $160,000.00, City Food Banks,$ 40,000.00, Humane Society $ 40,000.00 over my 4 year term, it is the right thing to do on behalf of the People in the City! It is time we lead by example when seeking Public Office to represent the People, it is a Privilege & Honor to be your Mayor! That is why I am a Business Man & not a LYING POLITIAN who only runs for the money & does not keep any of their Promises that got them Elected! It is Time for a Chance to get back to why people run for Office, to give back to their Community , that has supported them over the time they have been in Business! I ask for your Support on Election day, together we will get it Done!! William J Denby, The Peoples Mayor!

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