Eganridge: Stunning view and incredible cuisine

By Rebekah McCracken and Roderick Benns

Ontario duck duo, plated by Chef Charles at Eganridge. Photo: Roderick Benns.

Many restaurants have incredible cuisine. But rare is the restaurant that offers both amazing food and a gorgeous setting. However, that choice is available to diners in Kawartha Lakes and for the many tourists who visit – and its name is Eganridge.

Eganridge, the restaurant, also happens to be a resort, country club and spa. It is spacious, and its physicality emphasizes one of its greatest assets – the view of Sturgeon Lake.

When we dined, Carly looked after us with professionalism and a perfect sense of timing for fine dining pacing.

The Manhattan, as served at Eganridge, Kawartha Lakes. Photo: Roderick Benns.

While an impressive wine list awaits those so inclined, we kicked things off with gin martinis, made with dry vermouth, olive brine, and garnished with olives. If you’re looking for a second cocktail or an alternative, the Manhattan is a flavourful go-to choice at Eganridge, made from rye whisky, sweet vermouth, bitters and garnished with a cherry.

We started with fresh baked focaccia, made with a house made olive tapenade and balsamic dressing. Order this one right away, as it takes 20 minutes to bake. We loved the olive tapanade and balsamic blend, the perfect sweet and salty mix to stimulate the tastebuds. It’s a generous portion and could easily have been shareable for four, let alone two. Worth the wait.

The winter rocket salad was our other starter, comprised of arugula, roasted apple, cranberry, smoked bacon, Pecorino and maple cider dressing. Winter is a misnomer, as this salad is light and refreshing, even though it admittedly contains elements of the harvest, like cranberry and roasted apple.

Eganridge is one of the best places in the region if you’re a duck lover. Their Ontario duck duo is an exquisitely roasted duck breast, perfectly plated by Chef Charles. With this entrée is a citrus confit leg spring roll, cauliflower puree, turnip, and port red current jus.

If red meat is what you’re after, look no further than the Asian sticky short rib selection. This is a slow braised boneless short rib, tender as can be, painted with a honey ginger glaze. It’s surrounded by a yam puree that was divine.

When it came time for dessert, Carly informed us of several choices for the evening, including the salted caramel cheesecake. This French-style cheesecake didn’t disappoint. (French-style cheesecake is made with a sponge cake base and cream cheese mousse, rather than relying on butter for fat.) Delicious, and lighter than its North American counterpart.

For a more a decadent choice, the white chocolate lava cake is mostly darker chocolate with a white centre. A jolt of deliciousness that could easily have been shared, given how sweet it was.

To cap your evening during nice weather months, why not head downstairs and outside to soak up the evening air and extend your time with beautiful Sturgeon Lake? If you’re lucky, a warm fire will be going to help reinforce your good memories at Eganridge.

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