Eclectic wine shop and espresso bar opens in downtown Lindsay

By Roderick Benns

Jennifer Boksman is excited to share her insights on wines, none of which are available at the LCBO. Photo: Sienna Frost.

About 20 years ago, Jennifer Boksman remembers walking in Paris, heading toward the Seine River for a cruise. A unique little shop caught her eye. It was a simple yurt, stocked with flowers, antiques and other sundry items. The eclecticism of the experience never left her mind.

Two decades later, Boksman has opened Needful Things in downtown Lindsay, a shop she describes as “whimsical.” It’s a wine shop, a coffee and espresso bar, and tea is also available. There’s antique furniture, decorative tea towels, Boksman’s matted photography (she’s been a photographer for decades) and wine accessories.

Up to a party of 10 can rent the space, too, excluding staff. “I wanted a place where you could come in, have a glass of wine or prosecco, or maybe a coffee or tea, have a chitchat and look at all the interesting things,” she says.

“It’s not a restaurant. It’s not a café. It’s just a weird little shop,” she says with a laugh. In fact, the name Needful Things was ripped from a 1991 horror novel by Stephen King, a favourite of Boksman’s.

The 24 wine labels she carries are not available at the LCBO, either. She notes it’s the kind of store where it would be possible to put together a nice host gift before heading to a party.

“For me, it’s the interactions and sharing conversations about wine and food. I’m excited — it’s a dream I’ve had for a long time and it’s coming to fruition.”

Needful Things is at 15 Cambridge St. S., Lindsay. Call 705-878-2001.

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  1. Sharon French says:

    We will be there for a glass of wine for sure. A nice experience in Lindsay

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