Dunsford Lions Club presents proceeds from year-long fundraising lottery

By Lindsay Advocate

Dunsford Lions Club members Carol Klaren, Tim Murdoch, and Therese Scheer presented a $5,345 donation to Erin Coons (left), CEO of the RMH Foundation.

Members of the Dunsford & District Lions Club know that when they work together, problems get smaller and communities get better. It’s the driving force behind their club motto: Help us help others.

The help the Lions have provided to Ross Memorial Hospital patients through their giving to priority needs through the RMH Foundation has impacted patients of every age and in every area of the hospital.

Today, Dunsford Lions Tim Murdoch, Carol Klaren and Therese Scheer presented a $5,345 donation to Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. The gift will support breast cancer diagnosis and treatment at Ross Memorial Hospital.

The Lions raised the funds through their 2023 Lottery, which included three early bird draws and 12 monthly draws for $500. Tickets were sold at businesses throughout Kawartha Lakes.

“We want to share our thanks with the Dunsford & District Lions Club and with everyone who bought a ticket and supported the Ross through the Lions’ lottery,” said Erin Coons. “Just as there are so many reasons to give to the hospital, there are also so many ways to give. The Lions are great champions of their community and their cause. The success of their lottery is just one shining example. We’re honoured to count them among our partners in care.”

The Dunsford & District Lions have been supporting needs at the Ross since 1996. With this gift, their cumulative giving has reached $21,745 — earning the club a Benefactor plaque on the Foundation’s Donor Recognition Wall.

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