Downtown reconstruction: Lindsay accelerates plans given stay-at-home order

By Roderick Benns

The first section of Kent Street, from William Street to Cambridge Street, has now begun. Photo: Roderick Benns.

Residents can expect to see a further extension of Kent Street being blocked off beginning this week for phase three of the Downtown Lindsay Reconstruction project — well ahead of schedule.

Cambridge to Victoria Streets will be under construction, too. Photo: Roderick Benns.

Phase three includes Kent Street, from William Street down to Victoria Avenue and Cambridge Street, between Peel Street and Russell Street.

The original schedule for phase three broke down the work on Kent Street into two sections.

The first section of Kent Street, which was from William Street to Cambridge Street, begun last week.

The second section, which is from Cambridge Street to Victoria Avenue, was to be put off until Fall 2021.

However, with the stay-at-home order now in place and essential construction allowed to continue, crews are going to take advantage of the quieter roads and complete all of Kent Street at once to help speed up the construction timelines.

“We understand how much of an impact this project has had on the community, especially the businesses downtown, so any opportunity to help speed up the construction schedule is a benefit,” stated Juan Rojas, director, engineering.

“Phase two of Kent Street was completed last year and the new streetscape has had really positive feedback. By moving up construction timelines, we are hoping to have the majority of downtown Lindsay open again by summer 2021.”

For more information on the construction project, including weekly updates and frequently asked questions, please visit the dedicated project website.

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