Don’t be scared: The Haunted Village needs you

By Lindsay Advocate

Haunted Village, run at Settlers Village each year, is in danger of not running this year because of a lack of volunteers. 

Currently the event is set to run on Oct. 20, but at this time there is no committee, and a limited amount of volunteers to make the event run. And yet it is amazingly well-received, with thousands of families attending yearly, but the village needs volunteers – and not just volunteers on the night of the event.

People are needed to help with set-up and take down and the manual tasks that take a lot of time leading up to the event.

“A lot of our regular set-up people have decided to retire,” says Robyn Barton, one of the lead organizers of the event.

“It leaves us in a position where the office staff and a few board members really can’t pull it together without some other community members coming on board. We would hate to cancel such a successful event, but we are nearing that as our only option,” she adds.

That’s why an open meeting will be held at Settler’s Village on Sept. 5 at Henderson House at 7 pm for anyone that might want to come on board and help.

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