Ctrl V to make Wednesdays a charity event for Sick Kids

By Lindsay Advocate

Ctrl V is a huge supporter of an organization called Extra Life.

It’s a collection of gamers who, through various outlets, raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals. All locations participate in a 24 marathon event every November.

Now, Ctrl V has decided to make every Wednesday a charity event.

“We will donate 20 per cent of our VR sales every Wednesday to Extra Life,” says co-owner Kevin Stapley, along with his wife, Laurie.

“These funds will ultimately go to support Sick Kids Hospital. Obviously the more people who come out and play, the more we will be able to donate.”

Ctrl V is part of North America’s first and largest brand of virtual reality arcades. Located in the Lindsay Square Mall, Ctrl V Lindsay boasts eight VR stations where players can choose from as many as 50 different games and experiences.

With experiences ranging from shooting games, flying games, horror-themed games to a job simulator game that’s a big hit with kids, people of all ages can find something here they can enjoy.

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