Councillor’s ‘defensive manner’ questioned by reader

By Lindsay Advocate

I have been following the off-road vehicle task force and the recommendations it has made to the city and to city council and the submissions to the Advocate from various sources identified in your magazine.

It would be reasonable to believe that the members of the task force were likely selected for their interest in the subject matter, or their expertise or familiarity with the activity and the related impact the activity would have on the participants and the affected community. 

I am therefore quite surprised at the comments Councillor Pat Dunn made in response to Dr. Natalie Bocking’s recommendations. Dr. Bocking was quite clear that her recommendations were health and safety oriented with the only mention of legal consequences being made in her reference to “enforcement of the rules must be stringent.”

It is unclear why Mr. Dunn would immediately respond in a defensive manner asking Dr. Bocking “Is it appropriate to punish those who hadn’t committed a crime?”

As the person leading this task force, it is surprising that Mr. Dunn would confuse a preventive measure as a punishment.  Mr. Dunn’s background as a former police officer with the OPP would surely make him recognize the difference between a preventative measure and a punishment. Mr. Dunn should also be familiar with the importance of placing public safety first and foremost above recreational activities.

Our community playgrounds are just one example of a preventative measure designed to help ensure public safety.  Apparatuses that were deemed a safety risk to all children were removed from community playgrounds with the intent that it would help ensure the safety of our children. This was not a punishment to those children who had done something wrong, it was simply a preventative measure to protect our children. 

It is unfortunate when an individual’s objectivity is tainted in such a manner that it would place the safety of our community and the participants of this recreational activity in danger.

–M.D. Bruyns, Cameron


The Off Road Vehicle Task Force has brought forward a route in Lindsay for ATV riders to connect the Victoria Rail Trail Head at Logie Street and Thunder Bridge Road. Council is seeking input from residents over the summer through this survey on the proposed route before making a decision on the pilot program in the fall. Have your say here.

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