Commonwell offers residents free $50 vouchers to get your garden growing

By Lindsay Advocate

The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group is launching the third year of their highly successful ‘SEEDit,’ garden voucher giveaway soon. The company is providing Ontarians with over $225k in funding for 4,500 $50 individual garden centre vouchers. The program will help residents get home gardens growing and provide an ‘organic’ way for them to share a bounty of produce with their communities and help foil food insecurity.
Since 2021, the program has had massive interest from the Ontario communities in ‘Commonwell Country’ ranging from Ontario’s west coast to the eastern border that The Commonwell serves. In its second year, the online program saw massive numbers of people trying to sign up on the first day.  At one point, so many people accessed the site at the same time, causing it to crash temporarily.  The giveaway even had excited green thumbs on the site at midnight the night before the launch.
“With food prices and food insecurity rising in Ontario, we’re thrilled to announce that 2023 will have a record number of voucher giveaways,” said Tim Shauf, President and CEO of The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group.  “We decided to increase the program this year to 4,500, $50 garden centre vouchers and strongly encourage families to share their bounty of produce with local foodbanks and neighbours.”
The SEEDit program has a highly engaged facebook group of aspiring gardeners that provides both practical and personal advice to aspiring green thumbs. The SEEDit facebook community at has grown to 2.1k members and is going strong.
Starting May 1st at noon, while supplies last, the vouchers are available for select garden centres to residents across ‘Commonwell Country.’ Participants can sign up at


  1. AnneMcKinnon says:

    Would love to plant some annuals in front garden!

  2. Marilyn Kuiperij says:

    Are you interested in this for the girls?

  3. C. Winter says:

    Sure that would be wonderful.

  4. Marian MacLellan says:

    How do I apply for a 50$ voucher?
    Looking to put in an English garden, along with a section of herbs.
    Need seasonal colours, and heights. Easy maintenance

  5. A. Hardaker says:

    My friend has built me an elevated garden, I’m so anxious to plant vegetables and herbs

  6. Shelly Moore says:

    Would like to apply for this voucher. Live in Penetanguishene Ontario

  7. Sharon McMurter says:

    Would love to receive this voucher.

  8. Avatar photo Roderick Benns says:

    If you want to receive the voucher then follow the instructions in the article. It won’t help you to comment about it here — that’s not the way to get one.

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