CJ’s Gallery open for weekend visits until Sept. 22

By Lindsay Advocate

Colleen Irwin has had a varied artistic and marketing career spanning decades. In the early 1980s she got her feet wet in the record and radio industry, even coining CFNY’s well-known tag line, “The Spirit of Radio.” Soon after Irwin opened one of the most successful global entertainment marketing companies in Canada. For 35 years she orchestrated with, and around, some of the world’s biggest names in rock history.

A few years ago she traded it all in for her one real passion — visual arts. Over the past 15 years she has been awarded several art honours, the latest from the Kawartha Art Gallery’s 2018 juried show, receiving the Juror’s Award (Michael Dumas) for ‘Highest Achievement.’

The award was enough to encourage her to hold her first solo exhibition in 10 years. It took two years alone to experiment and understand the interface and interphase of the new materials she had stumbled upon – resin and pigments.

“In two years I have developed a love-hate relationship with it. It’s one of the most challenging mediums I’ve ever tackled both creatively and physically, but when it happens it is pure magic,” says Irwin.

Her exhibition is a glimpse into this experimentation — the sometimes hidden landscapes of manipulated paint and pigments in original wall art and micro-photography.

Irwin’s exhibition runs Saturdays and Sundays between Aug 25 and Sept 22., 10 am to 4 pm. Children are encouraged to come.

CJ’s Gallery is located at 42 Colborne Street West, in Lindsay, kitty-corner to the Olde Gaol Museum. For more information contact:  or 705-324-0755.

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