City’s decision ‘ludicrous’ on Kent Street trees

By Lindsay Advocate

I am stunned and disappointed that the City would not use the silva cells (New project in downtown Lindsay supports healthy tree canopy – August edition of The Lindsay Advocate) on both sides of Kent Street.

These cells have a proven efficacy, we do not need to measure their effectiveness as the director of engineering, Juan Rojas, suggests.

This process has been proven throughout the world, including over 100 trees thriving at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The idea that you would use a successful, proven system on one side of a street and a proven failure of a system on the other is ludicrous.

This is about money, not science, and Rojas knows it.

I have seen tree canopies all over the world but never where one side has beautiful healthy trees and the other side dead or dying ones.

–David Hodgson, Burnt River

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