City warns of door-to-door water system salespeople

By Lindsay Advocate

The City of Kawartha Lakes has been notified of salespeople attempting to sell drinking water filtration/purification equipment and stating that the municipal drinking water is unsafe to drink.

City employees carry identification and do not approach residents to sell any type of equipment. Should you be approached by any salespeople claiming to be with the City, do not allow them access to your home. City staff carry identification that includes the City logo.

The City is asking any residents who are approached by these individuals to call the City at 705-324-9411 or report the incident on our website. If you receive a business card or see the name of the business on a vehicle or shirt, please report it. Door-to-door salespeople are in violation of Bill 59, the “Putting Consumers First Act”. Residents should be cautious about allowing strangers access to their homes and should scrutinize any photo ID carefully.

Periodically, the City of Kawartha Lakes conducts lead sampling at private residences. When lead testing is undertaken, notification regarding lead testing is posted on the City’s website.

The City of Kawartha Lakes provides safe drinking water to areas serviced by municipal water. The water supply meets all requirements as set out by the Safe Drinking Water Act and Ontario Regulation 169/03 which sets limits for microbiological, chemical and radiological standards. The City continues to provide the highest quality of clean, dependable drinking water for residents of the City of Kawartha Lakes on municipal water. For more information, visit the Water, Wastewater and Sewer section on the City’s website.

As of March 1, 2018 the Province of Ontario has banned unsolicited, door-to-door sales of certain household appliances to better protect consumers from aggressive and misleading contracting at home. This means that businesses will only be able to enter private residences if the consumer has contacted the company and invited them. Contracts that are in violation of the new rules relating to door-to-door contract solicitation will be considered void and consumers will be able to keep the goods and services with no obligations.

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