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By Lindsay Advocate

Susan Blayney has been a long-time volunteer with the Environmental Advisory Committee and is stepping down from this role. Chair Pat Warren and Councillor Richardson presented a certificate of appreciation to Susan for her work on several initiatives. Susan was the driving force behind Kawartha Lakes being named as a Bee City. The Pollinator Pathway project is Susan’s latest project and she invites all who would like to add their properties to the list to register. Shelley Candel, Director of Bee City Canada attended to thank Susan by saying, “You’ve made Kawartha Lakes a better place.”

Changes to Council’s Code of Conduct and the Procedural By-law governing Council meetings

The Clerk’s Office is recommending a number of changes to Council policies to provide further transparency and clarity. Under Council’s Code of Conduct, definitions have been added for clarity. Local Boards of Council that have been delegated authority under Council are now included under this Code. This excludes the Library, Police and Health Boards but covers all other Boards such as the Drainage Board and Board of Adjustment. The role and process of the Integrity Commissioner has been added.

Under the Procedural By-law, definitions have been updated for clarity, redundant provisions have been removed and current practices have been added. Three separate policies on Public Meetings, Town Hall Meetings and External Resolutions have been consolidated into the Procedural By-law. For a copy of the recommended updates, please visit our website. These policies will be considered for adoption at the January 28 Regular Council meeting.

New Strategic Plan presented

The final plan for the next four years has been created in partnership with community, Council and staff. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of the plan. Once adopted in Council on January 28, the next steps are to define measures and action plans to support the goals outlined. Detailed targets, measures and a tracking system will be set out throughout 2020 and reported on throughout the life of the plan.

For a copy of the plan, visit our website or Jump In, Kawartha Lakes.

The new vision outline is: Thriving and growing communities within a healthy and natural environment.

Roads 101 Roundtables recommendations

Councillor Deputy Mayor Doug Elmslie thanked the public for their participation both at our meetings and online through Jump In, Kawartha Lakes. There is a better understanding now amongst residents and staff on the challenges that the municipality faces from the sheer volume of roads and resources available, and the concerns and suggestions of residents. The three recommendations going forward are already in motion. For example, recommendations to increase operations resulted in the addition of six new hot boxes in the 2020 budget and will help to address potholes more efficiently. Roads staff also were receptive to suggestions from residents and have taken new ideas back to consider. Read the report on our website.

Pleasant Point Union Church beginning the process of heritage designation

Staff have been authorized by Council to proceed with the process to designate the property under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

Cultural Centre Task Force to be formed

The Task Force will be established by March 31, 2020 for the term of one year. It will have five members of the public; one from the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council, one from the Culture and Heritage Network, one from the creative economy, two members at large; and two elected officials and be supported by staff from the Economic Development Division. Its mission is to hire a consultant to assess the proposed model of a Cultural Centre/Hub, make recommendations to Council on proposed sites, operating models, funding sources and governance models. Council has contributed $50,000 to the initiative.

Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton Housing: Development Updates
Housing Services brought forward updates to the workplans of the Lindsay Street North and Hamilton Park, Lindsay developments previously approved by Council. The updates included minor recommended revisions to the workplans and timelines, which will be considered by Council for approval at the next Regular Council on January 28.

Turning lane into Lakeview Estates will be studied
Staff will study the need for a southbound left turning lane into Lakeview Estates. In order to get a true picture of the traffic flow during the summer months, staff will report back by September 30, 2020.

Relief for the non-profit Medical Centre within Kawartha Lakes to be investigated
Council has asked staff to investigate any forms of relief that would assist any Medical Centre within Kawartha Lakes and report back to Council with options by September 30, 2020.

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