City approves new homes in Lindsay, Fenelon Falls

By Kirk Winter

City approves new homes in Lindsay, Fenelon Falls
Lindsay and Fenelon Falls will soon see 241 new residential units built.

Skilled trades people grab your tools — decisions made by council at their monthly May meeting will be to your liking.

Lindsay and Fenelon Falls will soon see 241 new residential units constructed, and residents of the Glenarm Road may be able to access better internet reception thanks to projects approved at the most recent council meeting.

The Lindsay-based proposal, supported unanimously by council, is to permit two blocks of townhouse units with one block containing 55 residential units and a second block containing 100 residential units.  The proposed townhouses that back onto residential lots fronting Cottingham Crescent will be conventional one-storey townhouses, while the townhouses backing onto the Victoria Rail Trail will be conventional two-storey townhouses.

A second building project was approved at the same meeting on West Street North in Fenelon Falls. The project will consist of 26 townhouse dwellings and two apartment buildings containing 60 units to be built adjacent to the water in Fenelon Falls.

City staff reported that despite complaints from residents on Oriole Road who opposed the project because of the proposed density, height, traffic, visual impact and effect on the waterfront that the project should go ahead. Council recommended the project unanimously.

The city also approved unanimously the building of a 45-metre, self-supported telecommunications facility on behalf of Xplornet Communications on the property of Donald and Sylvia Holliday at 1641 Glenarm Road, Fenelon Falls.

This tower project has met all the requirements of both the federal and the municipal government, and there is the belief “the addition of this tower should provide improved service in this area.”

City staff “is satisfied that an additional tower is necessary to provide service for the area.”

Finally, in a bit of municipal housekeeping, the city voted unanimously to assume Bluebarry Lane, Brackendale Trail, Briarwood Avenue, Broad Street, Commerce Road and Silverbrook Avenue as city streets.

These roads, part of the old Lindsay Golf Course development, will now be plowed and repaired by the city and no longer treated as unassumed or private roads.

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