Cenotaph Stories project needs your memories for 100th anniversary project

By Lindsay Advocate

Claus Reuter, left, with Sean Musson, right. Musson is with the Stouffville Legion and discovered through research he has multiple relatives on the Lindsay cenotaph. Photo: Sienna Frost.

The Cenotaph Stories project aims to unlock and preserve new memories from the families and friends of soldiers whose names are on the Lindsay war monument.

“We want to attach a family story to each of the names that have been inscribed on the memorial, so that their memory continues to live on,” says Claus Reuter, a volunteer with the project.

“When the cenotaph was erected 100 years ago, the memories of those lost were still fresh in the minds of those who stood before it,” he says. As time has passed, that is no longer the case.

The stories the group gleans from community members about the soldiers will go onto the website of the Royal Canadian Legion. A printed version might also be created, which would go to archives and libraries in the wider Kawartha Region.

To share information about anyone inscribed on the Lindsay cenotaph, email the Legion at . The project’s goal is to document each person by the 100th anniversary of the cenotaph on Nov 11, 2022.


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