Health care needs new ideas, not private money

The pandemic has once again spotlighted the deep inadequacy of our health care system.

The obvious risk of other progressives throwing in their hats would be to split the vote, allowing a more conservative fiscal hawk to come up the middle and win.

Don’t split the progressive vote come October

We are less than a year away from choosing a new mayor of Kawartha Lakes. Only one serious contender has clearly declared his candidacy as of press time —  lawyer Jason Ward.

The mayor’s not-so-hidden agenda

There’s a financial reckoning coming for Kawartha Lakes, as Mayor Andy Letham sees it. The city does too much for its residents with not enough money to pay for everything.

Council gets it right on ATV issue

Barring an outstanding procedural issue that came before council at their Sept. 21 meeting, Kawartha Lakes City Council has decided… Continue reading “Council gets it right on ATV issue”

Kawartha Lakes life for all

Kawartha Lakes life for all

We often see the world in stereotypes. For instance, some people who live here speak of the ‘cidiots’ from Toronto who arrive during the summer to wreak havoc on our small communities and pristine lakes. All it takes is one Mercedes with a lead-footed driver to cement this image in a few people’s minds.

City must continue to do more to grow arts and culture sector

We’ve come a long way on the arts and culture file in Kawartha Lakes since 2014. That’s when then-Ward 7 Councillor Brian Junkin posed an astonishing question. Kawartha Lakes Art Gallery executive director, Susan Taylor, had just asked council for stable funding. Junkin wanted to know why the gallery didn’t just sell the permanent art collection housed in the gallery to raise some money.

‘Selling’ Kawartha Lakes

How do we ‘sell’ our city to others? How do we persuade people who do not live here to visit, stay a while and spend more money than before?

That was up for discussion at a recent city council meeting as two different consultants advised council on how Kawartha Lakes should approach tourism marketing over the next five years.