Lindsay Chamber finds its new executive director

The Lindsay + District Chamber of Commerce has hired Allyssa Adams to be its next executive director.

Hustle culture is centuries in the making, but we do have a choice

Did we ever stand a chance? We have gotten to a point where we feel the constant need to be busy. 

Small business spotlight in Kawartha Lakes

Diane Steven has played a role in launching many successful local entrepreneurs

The decision to take an entrepreneurial or small business path can be sparked for many reasons, including a paycheque that doesn’t go as far as it used to, a job that no longer challenges, or unexpected unemployment.

New Mickael’s bakeshop location near Lindsay’s LCBO

Deck oven coming from Germany for artisan bread baking

Mickaël’s Cafe Librairie is on the move, but don’t expect to find discounted, day-old baked goods at the new location.

Future union strength will depend on new approaches

Does hope for a union renaissance lie with women, new Canadians, self-employed and youth?

From the end of the Second World War until the turn of the new century, the towns and villages that would soon make up Kawartha Lakes were home to thousands of unionized workers.

City’s first ever business count shows employer openness for working from home

A third of businesses are looking to hire

Council is about to learn more than they ever knew before about small business in the city – including that nearly three quarters of local businesses will continue to let employees work from home after the pandemic is over.

Bobcaygeon’s Lavish Locks a cut above

Kim Murphy never thought she’d own her own business at 30.