Cassie Noble releases new album, supported by southern Ontario and Quebec tour

By Jonah Grignon

Cassie Noble releases new album, supported by southern Ontario and Quebec tour

It’s in between bursts of rain and sunshine when I meet with local tattoo-artist-by-day-musician-by night Cassie Noble at Lindsay’s Boiling Over’s Coffee Vault, a place familiar to the 28-year-old singer-songwriter.

Noble, who has toured with her band, The Do Good Badlies all across the country, is now putting considerable time and energy into the pursuit of a solo career. She was quick to express her gratitude for Boiling Over’s impact on local music, having played there herself with her band on numerous occasions, and noting the welcoming, all-ages feel of the coffee-shop. It’s a spot which serves as a starting point for many up-and coming local musical talents.

Noble will be having an eventful fall, which will include a new album’s release, followed soon after by a tour with Vancouver native and long-time friend opening act Blonde Wolf. Noble was vocal about her inspirations, and musical artists that have impacted her art and led her to the place that she is today.

Although she acknowledged that early-2000s emo-rock bands like Paramore and Evanescence were among her first musical influences, the music she plays has taken a turn for the “folky,” often with strong ties to the natural world.

“I mention plants and trees a lot,” says Noble, who grew up in Cameron, just a stone’s throw away from Ken Reid Conservation Area.

“It’s just amazing,” was her description of her connection to the environment “Recently, in the last few years, I became interested in plants in particular — botany, I guess. I started teaching myself about it, using books and the internet. It’s just fascinating, you go into this wormhole of learning about things and how it all works…together.”

These inspirations are quite evident in Noble’s songs and performances, with her latest video, “Wild,” being filmed in an outdoor setting, reflecting the natural metaphors apparent in the track’s lyrics, and another being recorded at a cabin on Lake Scugog, which Noble called “one of [her] favourite places to be.”

Cassie Noble assures, however, that her upcoming album is not so much dominated by the natural world and more of a personal effort, “a narrative, written over quite a few years,” and an account of various stages of her life.

Her concert tour is running from Nov. 8-15 from Montreal to various Ontario towns, in addition to other assorted shows in Kawartha Lakes in October and November. Noble’s album, “Find a Way” will be launched Oct. 25 at her main EP release show at Boiling Over. The album is available a week earlier on Oct. 18.

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