Carl Dixon, former lead singer of The Guess Who, at Academy

By Lindsay Advocate

Carl Dixon, lead singer of Coney Hatch and former lead singer of The Guess Who is famous for barely surviving a horrific car accident in Australia in 2008.

Coney Hatch opened for Iron Maiden for 40 shows across North America in 1983 and Judas Priest for 27 shows and friendships have been retained through the decades. “Those tours were akin to Rock University. We (young Coney Hatch) learned so much from playing those big arena events. Fans message me on Facebook even now saying that was the best concert they ever experienced with regard to those tours.”

Late last year Coney Hatch toured with Steve Harris’s British Lion to sold out shows in Waterloo, Montreal,Ottawa and Quebec City.

“It was an amazing reunion, thirty years on” Dixon says “we all seem to play and sing better than ever, the venues were sold out, old friendships renewed and new friendships made” Dixon says of the Coney Hatch British Lion tour sponsored by VIA Rail and Nobis Outerwear.

Dixon’s solo theatre show includes the stories and music from the days touring with the biggest names in rock music; and Carl’s years with The Guess Who, April Wine and Coney Hatch. “The catalogue of music is more than can be packed into one night” he says.

While lead singer of The Guess Who Dixon was almost killed in a head on car collision in rural Australia. He touches on this in his show and his incredible recovery despite ongoing issues with head, eye and leg injuries and traumatic brain injury.

“I’ve been dubbed the man of titanium, rock and soul.” Dixon says (he sports a glass eye, and hole in his skull and many titanium implants). “What I’ve learned is that friendships and music can sustain you and lift you during the worst times and bring you to the best times.”

Dixon’s show of stories, songs, videos and music is at  Lindsay’s Academy Theatre Saturday night March 2. Call the box office: 705.324.9111


  1. Good on you. That’s what they say in Australia. We are all so proud of you Carl., and all you do for the community. Your life is truly a miracle of today. God continues to bless you and all you do.

  2. Chaz says:

    I knew Carl before the accident, it didn’t change him,he was always well grounded and easy to converse with a love for music and his fans, thank goodness he’s still here.

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