Caressant Care’s Mary Street home location ordered to cease admissions of new residents

By Roderick Benns

Caressant Care Lindsay nursing home has been ordered to stop accepting new residents. 

The 124-bed home, at 240 Mary Street West, was referred to in a letter posted to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s site. A Ministry representative writes it is his “belief that there is a risk of harm to the health or well-being of residents of the long term care home or persons who might be admitted as residents.”

Brad Robinson, assistant director, long-term care inspections branch, was the letter’s author. From his directive that means the home has been ordered to cease all admissions of any new residents.

That’s effective today, Sept. 30, until further notice under section 56 from the Fixing Long-Term Care Act. The letter was addressed to Cynthia Martineau, the CEO of the Central East Home and Community Care Support Services.

It was just in late July when Caressant Care on McLaughlin Road in Lindsay was ordered to hire a third-party management company citing safety issues.

A health care worker who didn’t want to be identified in case there were repercussions told the Advocate that “management doesn’t care about the residents the way we care for them.”

She said staffing levels “are atrocious” and that there are “multiple compliance orders that are not being followed up on.”

Caressant Care in Lindsay, nor Caressant Care head office answered their phones at publication time. Emailed attempts for comment were also unsuccessful.

–more to come


  1. Wayne Medford says:

    This is shameful beyond comprehension….for profit long term care homes more interested in PROFIT for SHAREHOLDERS than CARE for RESIDENTS…. beyond REPREHENSIBLE.

  2. Sheila Croome says:

    Finally! I had an absolutely terrifying experience there when my mother was admitted in 2015. Worst experience ever. I took her out after only 5 days after she fell and had to go to RMH.

  3. True Lee says:

    As an employee of one of these CC’s I can fully testify that this is true .staffing levels are so short almost every shift of everyday . Which begs the question: why are some high seniority, hard working, good staff still off on unpaid leave for refusing an experimental vax that has proven completely ineffective as a preventative
    For catching Covid and spreading it , meaning having the unvaxxed at work is absolutely no more a risk to residents than the double vaxxed & boostered . But the argument can be made it’s seeming safer for residents to be cared for by the unvaxxed since the vaxxed and boosted
    Seem to get Covid far more frequently. . They say “listen to the science’” but they are the ones NOT listening to what the science is saying ! They are willing to put the residents at risk by running those homes so short , rather than having safe healthy , knowledgeable and experienced staff who want to work. And who do a really great job . It makes no sense , at this point I’m not sure if it’s for political reasons or optics , so it looks like they are doing something, even when what they are doing is causing residents to lose good, familiar, friendly staff that they’ve known for years , feel safe with , staff that knows exactly how to care for them , staff who does cares about them , they’ve lost any semblance of continuity of care, and to allow staffing numbers to go down by adding unnecessary shifts to the pile that already needs Filled instead of placing the people who want to work back into their jobs , they’d rather replacing them with all different people so the residents never get the same person they can get comfortable and joke with , personally I would hate that so much, always someone different often brand new to the job . It’s really ridiculous especially since it’s the residents who get the worse end of the stick. I’m sure they aren’t reimbursed for all the shifts that were so short they lacked proper care or had to sit on the toilet for over an hour waiting for a free staff member to take them off because they are “ working short again “ . I agree that residents should never even know when we are working short, but when it’s happening this often and more then half the time there’s only 1 girl on the floor , you can’t lie to them and they certainly aren’t stupid enough to believe it Anyway. I just think it’s so unfair to these residents to have some of their favourite regular
    staff that were pushed out on some BS Unpaid leave , because they wouldn’t comply with an illegal mandate than went against their human rights and religious beliefs as well as the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms , all just to force a shot that we now know, doesn’t even work effectively to protect the residents, whether we have those jabs or not. But what does seriously affect them is the lack of experienced, familiar, good staff and proper professional continuing care since they are the backbone and heart of this country who fought for that freedom to be able to decide for our selves what we inject into our own bodies! …well anyway thanks for letting me rant .In a hundred years we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter 😡

    • Jane McCabe says:

      Great letter, true info! And these companies and the government claim residents come first!!B.S.

    • Guy Poliquin says:

      You missed the point. This is not the forum to whine about COVID vaccines.
      Btw, they do work in reducing the severity of the illness i.e less people in hospital.

  4. gail Dagneault says:

    finally!!!! My Mom passed away in 2013 having lived there. I was constantly in touch with Laurie Scott who just passed me off to another MPP (who was taking action in her constituency in Welland!!!) but Laurie ‘couldn’t’ do anything here. The private owner just did not care……I offered to pay for him to come and take a room for a month to see how his institution was working (or not) and NEVER in all the times I wrote or phoned did he answer me. When my Mom passed the staff came to me – sad to lose my Mom but sad to lose an advocate for them, as well.

  5. Ron robertson says:

    Time for the Government to really step in a PROTECT OUR ELDERLY from these companies

    • Brian King says:

      Hey Ron,
      Time for the Government to really step up to protect our eldery from these for profit caviliers. Ron , this is a several decade old problem .
      Back in the 1990″s when Francis Lankin was minister she brazingly raiesd the LTC problem. She also had a relativee in a LTC home that was thirty years ago that she visited regularly and she witnessed the problems. That was thirty rears ago and things have got much worse.
      Ron , I am a proponent of Social justice , Most days the electorate seems to be alt right , one for one .Everything for profit.

  6. Heather Clarke says:

    The industry has had staffing issues for years. Likely due to only wanting part time staff to limit costs which put staff in situations to work in multiple locations which covid put a stop too not sure if this has since changed but, vaxintions, corporate greed lack of staff all contribute to this situation no question my son works there and every shift my comment to him is make someone smile today tge residents deserve so much and it takes a very special person to work in this industry 💙 my has off yo all who do, my heart goes out to all who are bot working due to vaxintion beliefs. I am personally fully vexed yes I am a sheep and totally fell in line and continue to as if the vaxintions keep me out of hospital it is 100% worth it but I know it is only a mater of time till I too get COVID. I do it for me never bought into protection if others and clearly it was not accurate as we now know. I do however appreciate it was the hypothesis they had. I am however greatful the COVID has really brought to light the situations in these homes so as a community we can hold all including the community accountable.

    Pray for positive resolution for all.

  7. ??? says:

    I currently have relatives in the retirement side . The staff is wonderful and it is not their fault. There is not enough staff to do the job . I have complained to three levels of management. As high as head office to the vice president in Woodstock. The reply’s I get are a joke. I hope the ministry of health is also looking into that side . Cresent Care is for profit and not for the well being of the residents.
    There are snakes coming out from the building .
    The screens in most of the rooms need proper repair. Not duck tape.
    Finding maggots in a garbage can is not what I like to find as well hundreds of fruit flies in a room.
    Most common areas including rooms with no air conditioning .
    Bedding not changed enough.
    This is just a few current problems on the retirement side .
    It must be horrible for the staff who are overwhelmed. They have to choose who gets taken care of and who does not .
    All levels of management must be replaced. The government must take over immediately.

  8. ANON says:

    I worked at this company for a number of years and can verify that chaos and disorganization is rampant and constant. It never seems to end and the pandemic has only magnified the issue ten fold.
    Staff try to care for residents to the best of their abilities but when management and head office don’t provide proper supports, life/work balance, equipment and/or training, its very difficult to continue on without the dominoes falling out of place. Staff are worked to shear exhaustion without any thought or care to their well being. If you even try to voice concern and/or opinion, this company then becomes the master at quiet firing. It’s all about shareholder profit for them. After my eye opening experience working in the LTC industry, i believe that no LTC home should ever be in the hands of the private industry.

  9. Brian King says:

    Wow we have short memories , let me take you back to acute Co – vid when long care home residents were dropping off like flies. PC Premier Ford had fire put on his gluetus maximus but voters ignored that and gave him a majority. When he is finished everything including the kitchen sink will be privatized . MPP Laurie Scott and MP Mr. Schemale have been silently promoting and implempting privitizing everything in site . NO, I didn’t side line . The Mary Street LTC home like all privitized Homes have limited inspection . Long term private LTC , former Premier of Ontario , Mike Harrie and current CEO of HI-End LTC homes had the Board pass a motion that the LTC home would do their own inspections .What?? . It was resinded soon after co-vid hit and LTC patients, as I said before, were dropping off like flies.
    Again the voting public ignored this when they went to the polls.

    Please readers , send this to the LIndsay Advocate , I have written then in the past . They seem to be the only Social Justice media organization that I know of.
    Ps: pay very close attention to the new municipal counsel after they are elacted . I hypothsize that they are alt right. If they are we should hold them to the fire.
    Thanks for reading this. You are more than welcome to email me back with your thoughts even if they are contrary to mine.

  10. Sandra says:

    Some of the managers don’t care at all. There all kind of bullying going on in the home.

  11. Joy says:

    And just think! Doug Ford is pumping up the build of more LTC homes!! They can’t staff the ones they have!! PSWs do not get paid enough! How about putting some of that money into that and into home care to support people, keeping them in their homes where they want to be if they can! How about building communities for aging people where they can be serviced more easily and effectively in their own homes?

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