Lindsay’s first virtual reality arcade now open

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Lindsay’s first Virtual Reality Arcade is now open, known as Ctrl V, North America’s first and largest brand of virtual reality arcades.

Located in the Lindsay Square Mall, Ctrl V Lindsay boasts eight VR stations where players can choose from as many as 50 different games and experiences. With experiences ranging from shooting games, flying games, horror-themed games to a job simulator game that’s a big hit with kids, people of all ages and tastes will find something here they can enjoy.

You begin with a quick check-in process and short instructional video on how to use the equipment and navigate the software. Next, you find the VR station assigned to you, put on your headset and pick up your remotes. From there you will be transported into a control room where you can see and talk with the other people in your group, choose games to play and learn about the titles that are available.

Kevin and Laurie Stapley, husband and wife and business partners, are excited to bring the VR experience to the residents of Kawartha Lakes. “I grew up in this area, and we’ve raised our children here, so I know that there is a place here for something fun and exciting like our arcade,” says Laurie. “We’ve typically had to look to places like Peterborough or Oshawa to hold birthday parties for our children. They’ve also gone to plenty of their friends’ parties out of town. That’s why we’re so thrilled to be able to offer an amazing place for kids to come and celebrate that’s local.”

Ctrl V Lindsay has a party room so the fun can continue after the VR gaming is over. Bring your party food, cake and presents with you, since the entire party can be held at Ctrl V.

The VR experience is for more than just kids though. People of all ages can enjoy themselves.

Packages are available for private events like birthday parties or corporate team building events. Visit for more information. A grand opening event on Feb. 16. Everyone is invited.


  1. guess these kids are going to need jobs to pay for it, excessive cost, or maybe they can get a guarenteed income from the city lol

    • Running a small business in a small town is very expensive. I am grateful there are people willing to put their finances in the line to build and run a small business that provides opportunities in a small town. I will always try to support a small business, even if it’s goods/services are more expensive than the chains or big box stores. Small business has more overhead and expense and takes much greater risks than big business. Thank you to the owners of this new establishment for bringing something new and I wish you the best of luck!

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