CMS Web Solutions founders have a passion for tech — and trees

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Richard and Sandi Gauder have a few passions in life and two of the big ones are technology and the environment.

The Gauders own and operate CMS Web Solutions, specializing in custom-built WordPress websites for organizations — including taking care of the accessibility requirements now required by the Accessibility for Ontario Disabilities Act (AODA).

They also offer “green” and all-Canadian-based hosting. (Full disclosure: The Advocate’s much-loved news site is hosted by CMS.) Green hosting simply means using green technologies to reduce environmental impact.

The Gauders moved to Lindsay from Port Perry a few years ago. Although they have clients across North America, they remain a business firmly anchored in this region. They love the fact that technology has allowed them to move farther north, away from the city.

“People ask me all the time why we live and work here. I tell them ‘Because we can,’” Richard says.

Their passion for the environment includes running Plant a Forest where their concept is simple. They buy trees and plant them — lots of them. In fact, last year they planted more than 600 trees. People can visit the website and click Support the Project to buy a tree or two. They make no money from the project and simply to do it to help the environment.

“We pool 100 per cent of the money, go straight to the tree nursery and buy the trees. We’ll even let you know where we’re planting them, so if possible, you can visit them and see them grow,” Richard says.

Trees and shrubs that they plant typically range from $2.50 to $15 each, so it’s an affordable way for most people to get involved, he says.

“The more money we raise for a project, the bigger the trees we can purchase,” Sandi explains.

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