Art competition winner: Kawartha Lakes Food Source

Art competition winner: Kawartha Lakes Food Source

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Giving the gift of a donation on behalf of a family member, friend, teacher or coach is a wonderful way to express your appreciation while helping the community. Kawartha Lakes Food Source has cards that we provide to those who want to make a donation instead of giving a gift.

As Kawartha Lakes Food Source enters its 15th year of operation, they wanted to hold their first annual art competition where the winning images would be featured on the cards. There will be four cards in the series and they can be collected annually.

Four local artists shared their time and talents.  Their submissions were all very different. “It was interesting to see the variety that people produced and they are all effective in their own way,” said Judy Jackett, one of three judges of the competition and fellow artist.

The images were of food markets from around the world, to the beauty of our backyard, the hope of horses, and whimsical garden creatures.

The judges agreed that Sarah Burt’s whimsical, pen and water color garden creatures were worthy of being the winning images for the cards.

They are unique in colour and perspective, and will instigate conversations and admiration.

At the announcement on Feb. 8 at Kawartha Lakes Food Source the artists came together to celebrate their work.

“I feel surprised and grateful. I was glad to donate the time to a cause that is so important,” Sarah Burt says.

Kawartha Lakes Food Source thanks the artists and the judges for supporting the initiative.

The cards featuring Sarah’s work will be available on April 1.

To receive a card, visit the Kawartha Lakes Food Source distribution centre (41 George Street West, Lindsay) or call 705-324-0707.  A charitable tax receipt can be provided to the donor or the recipient for donations over $20.

Please provide this information at time of donation.

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